Monday, April 11, 2011

Notes and New Work

I am still working on getting my collection, "Love Is A Family", up on Amazon.  I am not sure how long it's going to be, but I will find a way to push it through.  

If anyone previously bought all three of my stories and wants a copy of "The Deal", send me a screen shot of the screen  - Your Account > View Your Digital Orders > Your Kindle Orders.  Black out any personal info or unrelated orders.  You'll have to do this in an image editing program.  As long as all three stories, Post Pleasure, True Brothers, and Burned By Lust are on the same screen it's good.  I will then send you the story by e-mail.

Or, if you don't have any of them and can't wait, you will be truly wonderful if you went and bought the collection on Smashwords.  They even have the Kindle format. 

I am working hard on something new and thought I would share a snippet.  Enjoy!

     Sean doesn’t remember her name but she is gagging on his cock now.  He releases her and she comes up gasping for air.  This is the part where they either try to pretend they are ok and it’s not a problem, or start crying. Either way they go back down on him anyway, so who cares, but Sean is shocked when the pretty blonde punches his kneecap.  Smarting, he grabs his knee, rubbing; now confused, but still in control, Sean is halfway to formulating, what will surely be, a smirking bullshit apology.  He knows that it won’t convince her, but it also won’t matter because it will be all she needs to retain enough pride before plunging her mouth back down on him and finishing the job.  Before he can speak though, she coughs up the phlegm, drug up from the back of her throat by his cock, and spits it right on his bare chest.
     “WHAT THE HOLY FUCK ……………..”, and then Sean stops there, his mouth open.  He was going to say her name but suddenly remembered that he didn’t remember what you are never supposed to forget about the girl whose mouth you just put your dick in.  The blonde gives him a disgusted look and reminds him, “Mandy”.  Sean realizes that he doesn’t recognize the name and may have never known it.  He wipes the spit from his chest and smears it under the arm of the sofa, then again begins to speak, only to be interrupted for the third time as the blonde, Mandy apparently, goes back down on him.  “Oh baby, you are fucking NASTY!”  Mandy sucks him, more aggressively and some would say violently now.  Her hands are on his balls, and Sean’s head is back, his eyes closed, drowning in pleasure. She feels his balls draw tight and quickly pulls her mouth off his cock, squeezing tightly at the base until she feels the first pulse of muscle as he orgasms.  Sean’s head is now up, looking at her.  He is about to implore her to swallow; after a blowjob like that how could she not? But just as he gets his mouth open Mandy aims his cock, releases her grip and a bolt of hot cum spews out and lands in and on Sean’s lower mouth.  Then once again Mandy’s mouth is back on him, wrapped around his cock as jet after jet fills her mouth.  She sucks is down, and as the spasms subside she squeezes the base again, pulling her hand up towards the head, drawing the last remaining drops out of him as if he were a tube of toothpaste.  Finished now, Mandy pops her head up and gives Sean a devilish grin.  “Mmmm, refreshing isn’t it!”  Dumbfounded, Sean finally has the opportunity to say something and finds he can’t. He wipes his chin as Mandy stands up and leans over to whisper into his ear.  Still confused and not entirely trusting, he flinches a little bit.  Mandy moves in close anyway,  “I bet you’ll remember MY name.”  She then gives him a peck on the cheek and saunters out of the room, triumphant.  Sean, realizing he just got beat at his own game, smiles broadly.  “Oh yeah, I won’t ever forget you baby.”

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