Thursday, April 14, 2011

Decisions, decisions....

So I've decided to experiment and keep banging away at Amazon to see what happens. I removed keywords and reworded the description again to specifically state that nothing illegal happens in Post Orgasmic. I reworked the disclaimer at the beginning as well. This is really to the detriment of the readers but TECHNICALLY it is all true. BUT, the one thing I did that I should have known wouldn't work was change the title and cover image back to their original design. When I did that, of course, it got blocked again.

So this time, I am leaving the title, I am reworking the cover to somewhere in between "Post Orgasmic" and "Post Pleasure". Next time, if need be, I will use the "Post Pleasure" title with the new cover design. I was never happy with the old "Post Pleasure" design and if I have to go through this crap I am determined to change it.

New Cover
Original - Never accepted by Amazon but currently used on Smashwords
Amazon SAFE Original Cover - accepted then blocked

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