Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Post Confusion

Post Orgasmic and Post Pleasure are indeed the same book for those wondering. The title and cover were changed to accommodate Amazon policies.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Burned By Lust

When "Burned By Lust" goes up on Smashwords it will be available here -

For now here is the summary and cover art:

After a terrible kitchen accident leaves Jane without the use of her hands, she finds herself home bound and nearly helpless. When she loses her nurse, she has to turn to the only other person in her life to help her. Out of this situation, a new intimacy develops that neither one is comfortable with but they are powerless to do anything about. Jane finds herself fantasizing about, and even doing things that would have previously been unthinkable. Is it simply uncontrollable lust or the pain medication? Will Jane give in to her desires or will she push away the person she cares about, and needs the most, to save them from her own selfish deviancy?

Some thanks and some info

I want to thank anyone who has already purchased my first two publications on the Amazon Kindle Store. True Brothers has been doing well and Post Pleasure just went up for sale recently.  I will have a new book going up shortly called "Burned By Lust" which will complete my trilogy of 'Family' stories. Look for it to be published soon.

My author page is now up at as well. -

If you would rather download DRM free versions of my work, as well as send me a larger percentage of the purchase price, my work will be available on  Usually, new work will be posted there much more quickly, and depending on content restrictions, possibly work not available anywhere else.  My author page there is -